Jane Goff ~ CO State Board of Education ~ 7th CD

SBE Governance and Policy

2017-2018 State Board of Education

Top row, left to right: 
Pam Mazanec (CD 4); Rebecca McClellan (CD 6); Joyce Rankin (CD 3)

Bottom row, left to right:
Steve Durham (CD 5); Angelika Schroeder (CD 2); Val Flores (CD 1); Jane Goff (CD 7) 

Phone: 303-866-6809 

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Powers, Duties, Authority


Colorado Department of Education

US Department of Education

National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE)

Important Legislative Links

2017 State Board Legislative Priorities

Colorado General Assembly

2008 - Senate Bill 212 (CAP4K)

2009 - Senate Bill 163 (Accountability Alignment)

2010 - Senate Bill 191 (Great Teachers and Leaders Act)

2012 - House Bill 1238 (Colorado READ Act)

2015 - House Bill 1323 (Changes to Assessments)

2016 - House Bill 1423 (Student Data Collection, Use, Security

Strategic Priorities Links

Academic Standards 



Educator Effectiveness 

Innovation, Choice and Engagement

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