Jane Goff ~ CO State Board of Education ~ 7th CD

SBE Legislative Activity

2018 Active Bills Status
Updated:    Feb. 15     

House Bill 


SBE Position



Rural School District Teaching Fellowships  

HB18-1005 Notice of Postsecondary CoursesMonitor  
HB18-1014Social Studies Assessment in High SchoolsMonitor   
HB18-1019Kindergarten-12th Grade Accreditation WeightingOppose  
HB18-1052Exception to 2-year Higher Ed Service AreasMonitor 
HB18-1070Add'l. Public School Capital Construction FundingSupport 
HB18-1088    Full-day Kindergarten Monitor 


Educator License Requirements Military Spouses




Educator Licensure Cash Fund 


HB18-1193      Extend Advanced Placement Incentives Program Support  
HB18-1222   Systematic Review Of Education Programs           
HB18-1232 New School Funding Distribution Formula    

Senate Bill   


   SBE Position


SB18-011  Students Excused From Taking State Assessments  Support, w/amendments   
SB18-012  Military Enlistment School Performance Indicator Support   
SB18-013 Expand Child Nutrition School Lunch Protection Act   Monitor   
SB18-114Suicide Prevention Enhance Student Life SkillsSupport 
SB18-118  Local School Board Authority Over Charter Schools   
SB18-128Legislative Approval For State Agency Fee Increase    
SB18-151Colorado Department of Education Bullying Policies Research Support 
SB18-159  Innovation School Operating As A Community School            
SB18-160     Charter School Induction And Alternative Licensure ProgramSupport      

Other Important Education Legislation

2008 - Senate Bill 212 (Colorado Achievement Plan for Kids)

2009 - Senate Bill 163 (Accountability Alignment)

2010 - Senate Bill 191 (Great Teachers and Leaders Act)

2012 - House Bill 1238 (Colorado READ Act) 

2015 - House Bill 1323 (Changes to Assessments)

2016 - House Bill 1423 (Student Data Collection, Use, Security)

2017 - House Bill 1003 (Strategic Action Plan to Address Teacher Shortages in Colorado)