Jane Goff ~ CO State Board of Education ~ 7th CD


I'll continue to bring the heart and tone of leadership necessary for moving Colorado's schools forward in a thoughtful, inclusive and responsible way.
We must ensure that each of our students is motivated and prepared
to be successful lifelong learners and citizens.

Jane Goff ~ 

High expectations

Continue to implement and refine the Colorado Academic Standards in every subject area

Continue to pursue a variety of quality pathways for students to demonstrate career and college readiness

Work with districts, teachers, parents and education experts to make sure our state testing system is relevant, balanced and meaningful for students

Examine multiple pathways to recruit, retain and support excellent teachers and school leaders

Open Communication

Ensure the public has user-friendly access to timely, accurate and balanced information about Colorado's improvement efforts

Recruit and increase the student and teacher voice in policy setting decisions

Promote and enhance the State Board as a model of transparent, inclusive and accountable decision-making

"7 skills students need for their future"
Dr. Tony Wagner, Harvard University


  Promoting reading and literacy


Recognizing CD 7's outstanding students,
teachers and school 


         Australia-New Zealand                        National Spelling Bee Finalist International Teacher Exchange                                     2016 
                  Adams 12                                             Jefferson County


Colorado Teacher of the Year Finalist                   Presidential Award for
Math and Science Teaching
            Jefferson County                                                   Adams 12

2016 District Performance Awards

Jefferson County


Adams 12