Jane Goff ~ CO State Board of Education ~ 7th CD

2019 State Board Legislative Summary

2019 Highlights

During the 2019 session, the State Board put significant policy focus on addressing early learning and literacy. 

  • Upon its introduction, the Board voted unanimously to support SB19-199, the revamp of the READ Act, and we played a pivotal role in ensuring the bill’s overwhelming bi-partisan success in both chambers.

  • The State Board also unanimously supported HB19-1134, addressing identification and Interventions for students with dyslexia. The support of the State Board was an important factor in the progress and passage of this legislation. 

2019 State Board Positions

During the 2019 legislation session, there were 71 P-12 bills introduced. Of these, 51 passed and 20 failed. The State Board took an official position vote on eleven of these bills, supporting ten bills and opposing one. 

  • SB19-1008   Support, Passed, Signed -- Allows the Public School Capital Construction Assistance Board to provide grants for equipment, new construction or retrofitting of public schools for career and technical education under the BEST program. 

  • SB19-069     Support, Passed, Signed --  Allows nonpublic schools to operate alternative licensure and induction programs for educators. 

  • SB19-176     Support, Passed --  Makes changes to state law related to concurrent enrollment 

  • SB19-199     Support, Passed -- READ Act Implementation Measures   

  • SB19-253     Support, Passed -- Clarifies that CDE is not a state agency for the purposes of the Governor’s Office of Information Technology IT services.    

  • HB19-1002   Support, Passed -- Establishes a professional development pilot program for public elementary, middle and high school principals. 

  • HB19-1032   Support, Passed -- Modifies the comprehensive sex ed grant program and the content requirements for school districts that offer a comprehensive sex ed curriculum. 

  • HB19-1134    Support, Passed -- Identification and Interventions for Students with Dyslexia,

  • HB19-1186    Support, Passed, Signed -- Aligns statute to ensure teachers have practical options for obtaining fingerprints. 

  • HB19-1262    Support, Passed, Signed -- Provides funding for full day kindergarten in the school finance formula.

  • SB19-074     Oppose, Postponed Indefinitely -- would have created a literacy scholarship program, providing $500 per year to parents to spend on literacy enrichment programs for students identified as having a significant reading deficiency.