Jane Goff ~ CO State Board of Education ~ 7th CD

2019 Legislative Session Report

State Board Positions

During the 2019 legislation session, there were 71 P-12 bills introduced. Of these, 51 passed and 20 failed.

The State Board took an official position vote on eleven of these bills, supporting ten bills and opposing one. 

  • SB19-1008   Support, Passed, Signed -- Allows the Public School Capital Construction Assistance Board to provide grants for equipment, new construction or retrofitting of public schools for career and technical education under the BEST program. 

  • SB19-069     Support, Passed, Signed --  Allows nonpublic schools to operate alternative licensure and induction programs for educators. 

  • SB19-176     Support, Passed --  Makes changes to state law related to concurrent enrollment 

  • SB19-199     Support, Passed -- READ Act Implementation Measures   

  • SB19-253     Support, Passed -- Clarifies that CDE is not a state agency for the purposes of the Governor’s Office of Information Technology IT services.    

  • HB19-1002   Support, Passed -- Establishes a professional development pilot program for public elementary, middle and high school principals. 

  • HB19-1032   Support, Passed -- Modifies the comprehensive sex ed grant program and the content requirements for school districts that offer a comprehensive sex ed curriculum. 

  • HB19-1134    Support, Passed -- Identification and Interventions for Students with Dyslexia,

  • HB19-1186    Support, Passed, Signed -- Aligns statute to ensure teachers have practical options for obtaining fingerprints. 

  • HB19-1262    Support, Passed, Signed -- Provides funding for full day kindergarten in the school finance formula.

  • SB19-074     Oppose, Postponed Indefinitely -- would have created a literacy scholarship program, providing $500 per year to parents to spend on literacy enrichment programs for students identified as having a significant reading deficiency. 
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