Jane Goff ~ CO State Board of Education ~ 7th CD

Promising Practices

CDE is sharing the many stories of how Colorado schools and districts have implemented new strategies to improve student outcomes, develop exemplary practices and validate their results through verifiable demonstrations of student performance. 

These stories highlight the innovative practices in schools and districts across the state to meet four goals in CDE's strategic plan:

  • Third graders will meet or exceed expectations in English Language Arts
  • Schools needing support and academic improvement will raise and maintain their performance
  • Students will earn a postsecondary credential, degree or certificate after high school
  • Underserved students will achieve academic expectations 

Five key initiative areas. Light green is strong foundations. Dark blue is all means all. Orange is quality schools. Light blue is more options. Dark green is educators matter.

Strong Foundations 
District 49

District 49 has made early literacy a priority and has used resources provided by the READ Act to improve reading at the early grades.

Quality Schools 
Lake School District      

The turnaround effort by Lake County School District in Leadville, Colo., incorporated deep community involvement, partnerships with outside organizations and building up existing resources.

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